Bookings, cancellations & emotional times

Date of release: Feb 17, 2022

Dear guests and friends,

winter holidays are getting closer and closer and we are looking forward to your arrival. The Corona regulations have kept us firmly in our grip this year.
So that you can enjoy your holiday with us at 1447 m, in addition to looking forward to a wonderful winter season, we have already adjusted to new regulations for your holiday.

Current situation for already booked holidays

We are very happy and thankful that this winter has been going well since opening and that we can be there for our guests again. Requirements such as FFP2 mask obligation and 2 G rule protect our guests but also our dear employees and ourselves. That’s why we hold on to it and extend the 2 G rule at the Hubertushof until further notice.
We ask for your understanding and look forward to your visit.

We now ask all those who are unable to meet the 2-G status to contact us by e-mail. Feel free to cancel your booking now. We ask for your understanding, as we also have to plan. Please note that after that our cancellation policy will apply, free cancellation is possible up to 30 days before arrival.You can either leave the deposit already paid for a future reservation or we will transfer the deposit back. 

You are welcome to postpone your booking or convert it into a voucher.

Should there be a new Corona lockdown in winter, so that an arrival is not possible, of course there will be no cancellation costs.

Current situation for not yet booked holidays at Hubertushof

No one can currently answer how long these regulations will apply and we therefore ask for your understanding that we are not yet able to make any further statements. 

YOUR SAFE STAY IS very important for us.

The 2-G rule applies (vaccinated or recovered). Valid evidence of complete vaccination or confirmation of survival of Covid 19 infection is required.

Hotel services may only be used with a valid 2-G proof.

As a guarantee for your reservation, we ask for a PAYMENT.In case of early cancellation you will receive the deposit back.


Would you like to see some beautiful Stuben Moments (videoclip) after all the turbulent circumstances?

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