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Date: July 2021

Safe Holidays, Covid-19 and Thank You!

A wonderful winter – unfortunately without our dear guests – is coming to an end. Therefore, we are looking forward to a fantastic winter season 2021-2022 and are already looking forward to seeing you to prepare again an enchanting holiday.

"Thank you very much for the many nice emails, comforting words and your compassion, further a THANK YOU for your patience with the constant postponemets and your perseverance."

We wish you and your loved ones from the bottom of our hearts a good time and above all good health.

Heike Farmer

Yours and our safety are important to us.

We have developed a comprehensive hygiene concept that incorporates all government requirements and the WHO recommendation, including regular COVID19 tests of all staff members. You can be sure that you can enjoy with us a wonderful time and a safe holiday with plenty of space. Get an idea of our efforts on our homepage.

What if CORONA gets in the way? COVID19 – cancellation policy:

In times like these we want to offer you maximum flexibility. If there is a travel warning in the winter, quarantine regulations or a new Corona shutdown, so that an arrival is not possible, of course, no cancellation costs. So you can plan and book calmly. You are guaranteed to receive your money back and you can cancel or change your booking free of charge (travel warning6). In the case of an acute illness the travel cancellation insurance applies.

However, if something unexpected happens (except Corona) and you cannot start your holiday as planned, we apply the following conditions according to the Austrian Hotel Association (OHV). Fees without travel cancellation protection:

Up to 3o days before arrival: FREE.
Up to 7 days before arrival: 70%
Up to 1 day before arrival: 90%
In case of early departure 100% of the price.

In the case of an acute illness, travel cancellation insurance is available. We recommend the Hotel cancellation plus of the European Travel Insurance incl. search and recovery cost insurance.

This will reimburse you for the entire cost of the room in the event of a cancellation or cancellation. The costs for this amount to approx. 5% of the hotel price. The cancellation fees are subject to the Austrian contractual conditions, also in case of COVID19 disease.

Cancellation cover also in case of COVID-19 disease despite pandemic status:
Insofar, we grant cover in the event that you, as the insured customer, cannot start or have to interrupt the travel,

  • because you suffer from COVID-19 symptoms,
  • because you have been found to have an elevated temperature measured, even if a later test result is negative,
  • because you were tested positive for COVID-19 without showing symptoms,
  • because a close relative (*) or a person living in the same household has contracted COVID-19 and your urgent presence is required,
  • because a close relative (*) in the same household has contracted COVID-19 and you must therefore be quarantined.

(*) close relatives are defined as spouse (or registered partner or partner living in the same household), children (step children, children-in-law, grandchildren, foster children), parents (step parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, foster parents), siblings and brother-in-law/sister-in-law of the insured person - in case of a registered partner or partner living in the same household, additionally his/her children, parents and siblings.

When may cancellation fees be charged?
If the hotel is open and accessible
If the guest is allowed to travel but can still cancel (for example out of fear and sheer concern about possible infection)

Can cancellation fees be charged, should there be an official closure of the hotel or of rooms?

Should cancellation fees be charged, should the hotel or lounge be in quarantine?

I have a credit card, which also includes a cancellation  insurance and therefore spare me the conclusion of a travel insurance via the hotel. So my holiday is certainly secured, isn’t it? 

Watch out! Conditions for the cancellation protection of credit cards may vary considerably depending on the provider. Please check, among other things: the following:

• What are the cancellation conditions and how much is the coverage?
• Up to what travel costs am I insured?
• Am only I insured as a credit card holder or my travelling family?
• Does the insurance cover only apply if the trip has been paid with my credit card?
• How much is the deductible?
• Is Covid-19 already covered or still excluded?

What is covered by European Travel Insurance in connection with Covid-19?
Insofar, we grant cover in the event that you, as the insured customer, cannot start or have to interrupt the travel,
because you suffer from COVID-19 symptoms,
because you have been found to have an elevated temperature measured, even if a later test result is negative,
because you were tested positive for COVID-19 without showing symptoms,
because a close relative (*) or a person living in the same household has contracted COVID-19 and your urgent presence is required,
because a close relative (*) in the same household has contracted COVID-19 and you must therefore be quarantined.

When is travel cancellation insurance not covered?
Cancellation due to prudence because the guest is a high-risk patient
If the guest is concerned about contagion
Cancellation reasons causally related to the previous pandemic, such as. B. A job loss
In the event of a second wave (border closures or shut down), this will also not be covered by the insurance, but in this case you may not be charged any cancellation fees
by the hotel.

What happens if I get sick during the holiday and the authorities ask me to go directly home into self-isolation/quarantine?
Should the guest fall ill during the holiday and start the journey home, the cost of cancellation of the trip is up to max. insured sum covered.

What happens if I fall ill during my holiday and the authorities tell me to stay in the hotel in quarantine and not to travel home?
Should the guest become ill at the hotel during the holiday involuntarily, the insurance covers up to max. € 3. 000,- for accommodation and meals.

Which costs are not covered during the stay?
• An official quarantine accommodation outside the hotel
• The hotel is quarantined by the authorities because a guest/employee is ill or is suspected
• Costs of medical care

Due to an incident, the lifts are temporarily closed. Does this entitle you to a free cancellation or a cancellation because skiing is no longer possible?
No. The closure of the lifts is not related to the service you have booked at the hotel and
therefore does not entitle you to a free cancellation.

Freedom of travel in my home country is being restricted and borders are being closed. I am
therefore unable to take my planned holiday. What about the cancellation fee?
In this case, the hotel is not allowed to charge cancellation fees.

What about a travel warning? Can I cancel here free of charge?
No, for individual travel (direct booking at the hotel or via booking. com), a travel warning in
the destination country is not a reason for a free cancellation.

If I do not take out insurance and do not have any other cancellation cover, can the hotel charge me the cancellation costs owed under the contract if I become demonstrably ill with the symptoms of Covid-19 or with Covid-19?
Yes. Precisely for this reason, travel cancellation and rescission insurance is offered, which
insures exactly these scenarios. Therefore, please be sure to take out appropriate travel
insurance, for your protection but also for ours.

So that you feel well looked after during your stay with us, we would like to familiarise you with the measures in the
individual areas in more detail.

You will receive an e-mail with a link to the registration form a few days before your arrival
- to simplify the check-in process you can already fill out the online form at home.
You can easily send us your wishes for your stay by email, so we can prepare your holiday in
the best possible way.

. . . can now be done in many ways, but unfortunately excludes shaking hands at present.
But a friendly smile, a wave, an appreciative nod or a hearty SERVUS is welcome.

For the guests:
We ask you to comply with the regulations of the government. At present, the wearing of protective masks is mandatory in all public areas. At the buffets, please use the gloves provided for this purpose.
Mask: We are happy to provide you with a mask, should you have none at hand.
For the hosts:
Our entire team wears mouth-nose protection and is regularly tested for
COVID-19. The reception is equipped with glass panes.

Hand disinfections are always at your fingertips in all areas. Feel free to use
them  – in addition to washing your hands regularly.
Disinfectants can also be brought to your room on request.
All areas such as toilets, reception, restaurant, bar/lounge, kitchen, wellness area
are regularly cleaned and disinfected at shorter intervals.
We increase the frequency of cleaning/disinfection of frequently contacted
surfaces, e. g. Handrails, tables, door handles, elevator keys, telephones.
Your room will be thoroughly cleaned, ventilated and disinfected as usual.
The laundry is washed with disinfectant detergent.
All common areas are regularly aired, cleaned and disinfected.
We are only as strong as our team: our employees have completed updated hygiene training, wear mouth/nose protection, measure their body temperature daily
and disinfect and clean their hands regularly.
We adhere to the minimum distance to ensure your comfort and safety at all times

KEEP A DISTANCE - we take care of ourselves
We make sure that all guests are able to keep a safe distance from other guests: The
maximum number of people allowed in the fitness room, the children's club,
the youth room and the saunas is posted in each case.
With your care you protect yourself - therefore we ask you:
At least 1 meter distance to other persons
To avoid congestion at the reception and in the restaurant
To refrain from shaking hands and hugging
To wash hands several times a day with soap and water at leastwash for
30 seconds
Pay contactless whenever possible - Avoid touching your face with uncleaned
Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief
Do not travel if you show signs of illness. In case of signs during the stay,
contact the host by phone.

TESTING POSITIES for our guests: A fee-based test is possible after prior appointment (currently costs approx. 45. 00).

The whole area is limited under new conditions with a maximum use at the same time, but all areas are at your disposal. Transmission of viruses via the bath water is considered
unlikely. On your own responsibility we ask you to keep the right distance also in the saunas
and in the pool and to observe the maximum number of persons.
SAUNA: Infusions are not allowed for the time being.
No wearing of mouth-nose protection in the wet rooms.

The hygienic standards have been reinforced to guarantee your safety

The fitness room is regularly disinfected. Disinfectants are standing by.

Childcare takes place in small groups

KITCHEN and RESTAURANT Enjoyment with security

• Buffets: we have expanded our buffet area and made it safer.
• Disinfection stands at the entrances and disposable gloves.
• The necessary minimum distances between the tables are guaranteed.
• Each table has a QR code for your digital wine and menu.

If you are not allowed to sit at the bar, you can end the evening comfortably at the tables, with a delicious cocktail, good music, candlelight and interesting conversations.

We gladly expand the assembly according to your request.

Status as of December 2020
With your prudence, you protect yourself as well as the other guests and your warm hosts. We ask you to consider these measures in your own interest and thank you in advance for your understanding. The measures are continuously adapted to the official requirements of the Austrian Federal Government (short-term changes must be expected daily).

Our guests can rely on the expertise of our two local doctors, who also cover emergency night shifts:

Dr. Beiser Elmar GP, Pharmarcy
Tel.: +43 5583 2032
Mobil: +43 699 17713000

Dr. Muxel Reinhard GP, Pharmacy

Tel.: +43 5583 3300

Mobil: +43 664 1009344

Skiing is a sport which is enjoyed outdoors in the fresh mountain air and that has been proven to have positive effects on your health. At the following link you will find all information about the planned lift operation, based on the currently applicable rules and the fact that health protection in the ski area naturally comes first: https://www.skiarlberg.at/en/regions/sicher-am-arlberg-2020-21-1

Appropriate safety measures are also taken in the mountain restaurants - these can be found at the website of the Arlberger Bergbahnen at Current Information - Mountain Restaurants 


Stuben am Arlberg:

In preparation for the coming winter season, the Austrian ski schools are striving to offer ski school guests the safest possible instruction, especially with regard to Covid-19. The requirements of the federal government form the basis for the activities of ski schools:

  • Prescribed hygiene and disinfection measures as well as distance rules must be observed.
  • No snow sports instructor is allowed to work if he / she feels sick, is ill or has Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Regular SARS-CoV-2 tests for all snow sports instructors and employees who have contact with ski school guests.
  • Registration of ski school guests taking according to the data protection regulations.
  • Equipment of the front office areas with disinfectant material and suitable spit protection.
  • Equipment for snow sports lessons are to be distributed and used individually and cleaned after the lesson.
  • The recommendation is made to form manageable group sizes (max. 10 people including snow sports instructors) and to keep the group composition. The Stuben ski school goes even further and only allows groups of max. 7 people including a snow sports instructor.
  • Assembly points are to be used generously so that compliance with the minimum distance regulation is possible.
  • When using cable cars, make sure that the regulations of the cable cars are observed.

Of course, our hosts also adhere to the rules of "Sichere Gastfreundschaft" (Safe Hospitality) | www.sichere-gastfreundschaft.at (German only) | and of the Winterkodex Vorarlberg. Table settings and buffets are designed in such a way that special hygienic precautions minimize risks. It is also cleaned, disinfected and ventilated.

Be sure to reserve a table in advance.

All Information about Covid19 - Stuben am Arlberg: https://www.stuben-arlberg.at/en/safe-winter-vacation/


All information regarding Covid19 - Stuben am Arlberg:

Alle Infos zu Covid19 - Land Vorarlberg:

Look forward to a relaxed holiday.

Full of joy and well prepared, we await you with wonderful and relaxing holiday moments at the Hubertushof in winter season 2021/22. Your well-being as well as your health and safety are our top priority. Treat yourself to a relaxing break, you deserve it.

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